Invoice #0001

Issued on 01 Jun 2016

Payment due by 31 May 2016


Company LLC

+012 345 678 90


Client Details

John Smith

1234 Main

Apt. 4B

Springfield, ST 54321

DescriptionUnit PriceQuantityAmount
Monthly web updates for$250.001$250.00
Monthly dedicated VPN web hosting (1 Jan - 30 Jan, 2014)$650.001$650.00
2 year domain name purchase$239.993$719.97
Subtotal $1619.97
Total $1619.97
Amount Paid $0.00
Amount Due $1619.97
PAYMENT TERMS AND POLICIES All accounts are to be paid within 7 days from receipt of invoice. To be paid by cheque or credit card or direct payment online. If account is not paid within 7 days the credits details supplied as confirmation of work undertaken will be charged the agreed quoted fee noted above. If the Invoice remails unpaid. our dept recovery agency, Urban, may charge you a fee of 25% of the unpaid portion of the invoice amount and other legal and collection costs not covered by the fee.