Command line tools (Optional)

The template is built on top of gulp and bower tools. Use of these tools is completely optional.

What is bower and gulp?

Gulp is the build system used to build and preview your project. Bower is a package manager is used for dependency management, so that you no longer have to manually download and manage your scripts.

Installing requirements

In order to utilize the build and livereload features of the template you need to install the following on your development computer..

  • Node.js and NPM. You can download Node.js from here . Npm comes bundled with Node.js
  • next you need to install bower and gulp using this command npm install --global bower gulp
  • finally run npm install and bower install from the root of your project to install all the necessary dependencies. By default bower packages will install to app/vendor.

Once you have all tools and dependencies installed you can use this command in your project:

  • gulp serve
  • gulp build

gulp serve launches a localhost preview of your app (with Livereload) and will compile your sass files to css

gulp build will create your production files.