Version 1.3.0

- Additions
- Updated to bootstrap 4 alpha 4 see

- Fixes
- Fix angular-summernote overlap popup issue

Version 1.2.0

- Additions
- Updated to bootstrap 4 alpha 3 (including the necessary markup changes \) see
- Add jqueryui touch punch for jquery touch events (Fixes draggable cards, sliders and sortable lists on mobile)
- Add transactional emails

- Fixes
- Fix Signin/Signup/Forgot responsiveness
- Fix form wizard font size
- Fix form wizard layout
- Absolute positioned header badges
- Refactored layout for responsive utilities
- Fix email page and contact page layout (HTML Version)
- Fix sidebar menu items padding mismatch

Version 1.1.0

- Additions
Form wizard Angular version - HTML version
Pricing table Angular version - HTML version

- Fixes
Fix messages app page, contacts app page and fullscreen maps page layout on ie10
Minor css clean ups

Initial release